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Diving Classes

  • "DISCOVER SCUBA" - Experience a safe, controlled, and enjoyable session and dispel myths about diving. Discover Scuba provides non-divers with an opportunity to actually scuba dive in the safe confines of a swimming pool. The experience presents diving in a pleasant and exiting way by instilling feelings of comfort, security and a sense of belonging.
  • Open Water Certification - This class provides individuals with a beginning certification and consists of 5 classroom sessions, 5 skill-development sessions in a pool and 4 Scuba dives in open water.
  • Nitrox - Sometimes referred to as "EAN" or "enriched air", Nitrox is a safe gas mix that contains a higher level of oxygen than regular air and reduces the amount of nitrogen intake.
  • Dry Suit Diving - Learn more about suit types and features, differences between diving in Wet Suits and Dry Suits; handling dry suit emergencies and generaldiving guidelines. (a warm and comfortable way to dive, especially in New England.)
  • Underwater Photography - Learn the beginning steps to great picture taking. You don't have to go to the tropics to learn how to get great underwater pictures.
  • Advanced Open Water - Prerequisite - 15 years of age and certified as an Open Water Diver or equivalent. This course consists of two classroom sessions and five open water dives. During the course you will be introduced to two core areas of diving: Deep and Navigation; as well as an introduction to three other specialties.
  • Rebreathers - The ultimate diving experience. Learn how the rebreather works and dive with one--experience the noticeably quiet dive.
    New England Dive Center is the ONLY one in the New England Area certified to repair rebreathers.

Safety First  

New England Dive Center has been instructing students with safety throughout education philosophy that has proven to unsurpassed in the SCUBA diving industry.

No other New England area SCUBA store or instructor can beat New England Dive Center's safety record. The reason for this success is that everyone learns at their own rate. If you are in a class that seems to be going too fast, simply stop. You can slow down by taking as many classes as you need.

New England Dive Center will accommodate your learning style, give you special attention and make you feel comfortable. If you are willing to learn, no matter how long it takes, we are committed to helping you succeed. Why take chances?

New England Dive Center is located at 263 Dartmouth College Hwy, Lebanon, NH.
Take Interstate 89 in NH to Exit #17.
Take left off of exit. return to top NEDC is aproximately 1,000 ft. on right.
Store hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:30-1:00 and 2:00-5:30. Friday 10:30-1:00 and 2:00-6:30,
Saturday 10:30-2:00.Closed Sundays and Wednesdays.